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A new Editorial by Dr. Piccolo and Dr. Argenziano describes the ongoing impact of the novel coronavirus on the field of dermatology.
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Alopecia Areata Incognita and Diffuse Alopecia Areata: Clinical, Trichoscopic, Histopathological, and Therapeutic Features of a 5-Year Study

In this Research article, the authors describe the importance of trichoscopy in the differential diagnosis of alopecia areata incognita and diffuse alopecia areata.
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In: Dermoscopy as an Important Tool for Differentiating Unilateral Nevoid Telangiectasia and Angioma Serpiginosum

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Online First

The Impact of Novel Coronavirus on Dermatology

Vincenzo Piccolo, Giuseppe Argenziano

Current Issue

2020 Vol 10, No 1 | January





Serum Total 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels in Patients With Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma: A Case-Control Study in a Low-Risk Southern European Population

Angeliki Befon, Alexander C. Katoulis, Sofia Georgala, Andreas Katsampas, Vasiliki Chardalia, Aggeliki Melpidou, Vasiliki Tzanetakou, Vasiliki Chasapi, Dorothea Polydorou, Clio Desinioti, Micaela Plaka, Dimitris Rigopoulos, Alexandros J. Stratigos


Dermoscopy of a Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lower Lip Showing Multiple Rosettes

Rosario Peralta, Gabriel Salerni, Emilia Cohen Sabban, María Belén Marin, Horacio Cabo

Rapid Dermoscopic Changes in Nodular Melanoma

José Alberto García-Lozano, Gabriel Salerni, Adrian Cuellar-Barboza, Jesús Alberto Cárdenas-de la Garza, Jorge Ocampo-Candiani

Who Detects Skin Cancer? Factors Associated With the Suspicion of Malignancy in Patients With Skin Tumors

Alberto Conde-Taboada, Laura Croissier, Elena González-Guerra, Lucía Campos, Beatriz Aranegui, Eduardo López-Bran

Eruptive Pseudoangiomatosis Induced by Mosquito Bites in an Infant

Iria Neri, Valentina Assirelli, Marco A. Chessa, Carlotta Gurioli, Federica Filippi, Annalucia Virdi

Pseudoepitheliomatous, Keratotic, and Micaceous Balanitis

Sweta Subhadarshani, Vishal Gupta, Jayati Sarangi, Shipra Agarwal, Kaushal K. Verma

Cutaneous Nodules Arranged in a Sporotrichoid Distribution Over the Lower Extremity

Georgia Kyriakou, Eleftheria Vryzaki, Efthymia Gialeli, Sophia Georgiou

Blue Nevus With Rosettes on Polarized Light Dermoscopy

Corina Isabel Salas-Callo, Josep Riera-Monroig, Sebastian Podlipnik, Susana Puig

Black and Pink: Single Lesion or Double Diagnosis?

Ilaria Proietti, Marco Di Fraia, Simone Michelini, Daniela Colapietra, Emma Rullo, Natale Porta, Vincenzo Petrozza, Nevena Skroza, Concetta Potenza

Pigmented Primary Carcinoma of the Breast In A Male: A Dermatoscopic Challenge

Bengu Nisa Akay, Incilay Kalay Yildizhan, Ayca Kırmızı, Hilal Ozakinci, Seher Bostanci

Tocilizumab-Induced Sweet Syndrome in a Patient With Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Federica Filippi, Marco A. Chessa, Annalisa Patrizi, Carlotta Baraldi, Francesca Ferrara, Federico Bardazzi

Defining Surgical Margins With Wood Lamp

Ausama A. Atwan, Stela Ziaj, Caroline M. Mills

Image Letter

Zosteriform Cutaneous Distant Metastases as Onset of Relapsing Melanoma

Daniel Morgado-Carasco, Clara Fernández-Sartorio, Cristina Carrera

Woronoff Ring in Deficiency of Interleukin-36 Receptor Antagonist (DITRA)

Daniel Morgado-Carasco, Sebastian Podlipnik, José M. Mascaró Jr

Pool Palms

Daniel Morgado-Carasco, Hernán Feola, Pablo Vargas-Mora

Catastrophic Tongue

Juan Jimenez-Cauhe, Sandra Dominguez-Carames, Daniel Ortega-Quijano, Diego Fernandez-Nieto


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