The Role of Dermoscopy in Diagnosis: A Case Presentation of Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum Initially Misdiagnosed as Pigmented Contact Dermatitis

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Case Presentation

A 45-year-old female with a three-year history of bilateral ocular angioid streaks was referred to our dermatology department Kırşehir Ahi Evran University for the evaluation of persistent cutaneous lesions, present since childhood ( Figure 1, A–D ). The patient was previously diagnosed with pigmented contact dermatitis 5 years ago, in a different dermatology outpatient clinic. Dermatological examination in our dermatology department showed confluent yellowish papules on both sides of the neck ( Figure 2A ). Dermoscopic examination revealed reticulated yellow-to-white clods on a light red background, along with defocused linear irregular vessels ( Figure 2B ). Histopathological examination showed mild epidermal atrophy, accumulation of swollen clumped fibers, mild inflammatory cell infiltration, and dilated dermal vessels ( Figure 2C ). Elastic van Gieson staining showed fragmented elastic fibers. Based on the clinical, dermoscopic and histopathological features, a diagnosis of pseudoxanthoma elasticum was made. Detailed imaging studies showed no systemic involvement except for ocular lesions.

Figure 1 .

Color fundus photographs. (A, B) Angioid streaks in both eyes (white arrows). (C, D) Angioid streaks in fundus autofluorescence and red free images of the left eye (white arrows).

Figure 2 .

Dermatologic, dermoscopic, and histopathologic examination. (A) Dermatological examination showed confluent yellowish papules on the neck. (B) Dermoscopic examination revealed reticulated yellow-to-white clods on a light red background, along with disfocused linear irregular vessels. (C) Histopathological examination showing dermal accumulation of swollen clumped fibers.

Teaching Point

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum has a peculiar dermoscopic pattern composed of coalescing and reticulated yellow clods on a light red background [ 1 , 2 ] . A thorough dermoscopic examination may prevent misdiagnosis especially in those cases characterized by subtle cutaneous manifestations.


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